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Let's go-to-market

Customers buy products, not markets. With this guiding principle, deep knowledge, and practical experience, we design and implement successful go-to-market strategies. Through our Export Accelerator Program, we help SMEs increase their product sales and profitability in the US market. We combine strategic planning with valuable hands-on expertise, offering a holistic solution tailored to your business needs.

Why choosing us

Strategic planning

To boost your revenue in the US a targeted go-to-market strategy is essential. To ensure that planned milestones don’t become obstacles, each step of the expansion must be meticulously prepared.

Based on our internal and external analyses, we formulate actionable strategy options. For us, strategy means identifying the right goals and achieving them through concrete actions. Our focus is on reaching the target, not just the journey.


Our experienced senior team analyzes and evaluates your products and services on-site at your company. This ensures that we select the right market entry strategy and secure your success in the international market.

Product sales

Optimal sales channels are key to successful market entry and expansion. We are an active part of extensive sales networks in the USA and a member of key associations.

B2B Lead Generation / USA

Our expert team combines technical understanding with extensive experience in engaging new leads. We guarantee absolute professionalism in qualifying and refining your new potential US business partners.

  • Identification of potential projects

  • Sales pipeline development

  • B2B telemarketing / cold calling

  • Field service

  • Pre- and post support for key events and trade shows

  •  Participant activation


Procurement Service 

Through strategic partnerships with established engineering firms in the USA, we offer products and services directly to the US government, state institutions, and municipalities via electronic marketplaces.

  • eTendering

  • Bid monitoring

  • Representation at bid openings

  • Supplier identification

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Efficient supply chain management and logistics is essential for seamless market operations. We offer comprehensive logistics and supply chain services to ensure your products reach their destination on time and in optimal condition.

  • Logistics Planning

  • Customs Handling

  • Import Regulations Compliance

  • Warehousing Solutions

  • Inventory Management

  • Transportation Coordination

Venture Capital

At hillalliance, we collaborate with innovative start-ups and growth-stage companies, particularly in fintech, big data analytics, the Internet of Things, blockchain technology artificial intelligence and aerospace.


Through our venture capital partners, we offer VC funding and valuable international business development and strategic partnership opportunities. Leveraging our global hillalliance Partners network, we support your company's growth and success on an international scale.

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