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Doing business has no borders.

We analyze, evaluate, and develop sustainable concepts and strategic plans, including detailed action planning.


With our well-coordinated expert teams and highly efficient processes, we reliably implement projects and initiatives.


We possess robust networks in industry, business, and politics, which are continuously expanded and strengthened.


Accelerate your US business. From strategic planning to hands-on execution

hillalliance stands as your reliable partner for boosting trade, attracting investments, and expanding business relations between SMEs from Germany and the United States. We guide companies in entering local markets and finding business partners across the US. Our network consists of local consultants, business analysts, and researchers to ensure precise data collection, in-market support, and excellent execution.


With our award-winning Export Accelerator Program, we have found a way to mitigate risks, harmonize communication barriers, and provide an agile approach to doing business in the US market.


Focusing on advanced manufacturing, automation, and precision engineering, we support companies in machinery, robotics, and industrial equipment sectors.

Mechanical engineering

Focusing on medical innovations, healthcare technologies, and patient care solutions, we support companies in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare services.

Healthcare industry

Focusing on innovation, advanced technologies, and precision engineering. Our expertise supports companies involved in aircraft manufacturing and space exploration.


Focusing on digital innovation, content creation, and technological advancements, we support companies in software development, digital media, and telecommunications.

IT and Media 

Focusing on cutting-edge technologies, digital transformation, and innovation, we support companies in software development, electronics, and telecommunications.


Sectors we serve

Our Solutions


Our market analyses involve systematic and creative information gathering on all relevant factors. The results provide an approach to market segmentation, a current state assessment, and directions for strategic options.


Our expert team combines a high level of technical understanding with extensive experience. We guarantee absolute professionalism in qualifying and refining new contacts with your future business partners in the US.

Consulting and execution on demand

We offer our expertise, experience, and know-how on demand, providing tailored support for your specific needs.


Storys of success 

"As a start-up in the seed phase, we were seeking VC in New York City and contracted hillalliance as a broker. We highly recommend their professionalism in dealing with an inexperienced start-up like ours :)"

Marissa V.,

Founder & CEO

"Participating in the EA-Program for 8 months aimed to expand our distribution channels. Through our US representative from hillalliance, we successfully contracted with two major clinics in Boston.

Thomas P.
Director of Sales and Marketing

"Working with hillalliance was instrumental in our successful entry into the US market. Their strategic guidance and support helped us navigate complex challenges as a small business from Saarbrücken, Germany."

Falk  O.,



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